Shree Political Research Bureau (SPRB) is engaged in a wide range of activities since 1995. The range encompasses conducting opinion polls, feedback surveys critical analysis of high profile politician and many other political services.

  • We have successfully conducted opinion poll surveys and feedback surveys in Assembly constituencies of Maharashtra.
  • We have carried out similar surveys in maximum Loksabha constituencies in Maharashtra.
  •  Many Assembly constituencies in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka have been covered by us successfully.
  • Now Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and again Gujarat are on our target for ensuing Assembly polls.
  • We have executed opinion poll surveys for a number of municipal corporations, councils and self government bodies in Maharashtra.
  • In all these cases we have dealt with, our accuracy mark is above 85%.This tempted various recognized political parties and personalities to test and trust us.
  • We specifically distance our self from media and newspapers.
  • On an average we interact with 5000-6000 voters in one Loksabha constituency and 2500-3000 in one Vidhansabha constituency during our survey.
  • Our teams visit almost 100 key villages during surveys for one Loksabha constituency and 40-50 key villages for one Vidhansabha constituency.
  • We obtain detailed information through questionary, it remains strictly undisclosed.
  • These samples undergo a minute statistical analysis.


During every survey our field force works under two trained observers. They are selected from different social and economical walks of life. These observers, both men and women, have deep sense of political and social happenings. Our summery presentation covers all this findings, may be or may not be in favour of our clients. Another highlight of our survey is interviews of known and respected personalities residing in your constituency. We believe that their views might prove a lighthouse for your political success.

  • Caste base data.
  • Education and profession wise data
  • Strength and weaknesses.
  • Action plan.
  • Implementation formula.
  • Art of winning an eventually lost battle.
  • Effective suggestions and guidelines.

  • Pilot project in politics.
  • Collective information of unique programmes implemented by MLAs and MPs in their constituencies within Maharashtra.        
  • Potential of generating self employment opportunities in their constituencies.
  • Model code of conduct for iconic public representatives for ‘Vision-2020
  • Emerging stars on political horizons of Maharashtra.
  • Training workshop for P.A.s and secretaries of public representatives.
  • Training for orators and campaigners.
  • Planning for constructive political career.
  • Political complimentary notes based on political views of common man in Maharashtra.
  • To have a clear idea of our work, please spare some amount of time with us. Preferably time during travel when you are away from crowd is welcomed. We are full of novel ideas for you. We assure your meeting with us will remain in your memories for a long period of time.

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