Who are you?
we are registered agency engaged in political services
Are you a government body?
No, but we work as per government rules
Are you deputed on task by our opponents?
Certainly not. We work for only one client in one constituency/state/party.
How do you work in the areas new to you?
We employ qualified and trusted surveyors on assignment basis.
Are your charges affordable for me?
Certainly yes. A candidate contesting local body election also can afford to pay our charges.
Is your work necessary for me?
This is a scientific method of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Our work helps to anybody willing to win election on good planning and better execution, no matter he is experienced or a fresher in politics.
Is there any link between you and any newspaper or channel?
We are strictly away from people having any connection with media.
Possibility of leakage of your survey report?
Zero percent.
Prominent clients?
All key leaders of different parties holding high rank in party and have worked in the cabinets.
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